Sit back relax and experience the best of Europe by train. Discover countries, cities and towns in Europe with the widest selection of rail tickets and Europe rail passes.

Here on Train Pass Europe you can find tickets and schedules for most trains in Europe like high-speed trains such as Thalys, Eurostar, TGV, AVE and Frecce or scenic trains such as the Bernina Express, Glacier Express, GoldenPass Line and much more. With a single rail pass you can travel in up to 28 countries, hopping off along the way to experience Europe’s most fascinating monuments, museums and breath-taking scenery.

Travelling Europe by train

Train Pass Europe is your key to discover Europe. Take a whistle-stop tour to Europe’s most famed cities like Rome, Paris and Berlin and there is nothing stopping you from venturing off and exploring some lesser known but equally lovely towns along the way.

Train travel is part of the European way of life, the way Europeans travel, and a cultural experience in itself. Europe has many cities to choose from with a multitude of routes and all possible by train travel. Europe is a fascinating continent which offers many different cultures, wonderful scenery and world renowned cities. All of this is well connected by train which is why so many people choose to explore Europe by rail. Getting around Europe by train is the most comfortable travel option with no airport like check-in to contend with or being confined to your seat and choosing rail travel also means you can enjoy every moment of your journey.

Krakow, Poland

Why you should travel by train

Travelling by rail can be the simplest, most convenient and cost effective way to travel quickly, safely and comfortably from one city to another. Ideal for customers who want the freedom to explore as much of the European continent as possible.

The Europe rail network is one of the most extensive in the world with National railway companies like the SNCF, RENFE, TRENITALIA and more all connected. This means that western European countries are leading the race with the most convenient way to travel from city centre to city centre. From panoramic to high-speed trains, the experience of travelling on board a train is simply unique. Not only will you travel in a more relaxed atmosphere, but you will also get to meet locals and fellow travellers from abroad. It is a great way to share and discover the culture of other countries.

Money saver

Travelling by train is cheaper than driving or flying, particularly if you want to check out several countries on one trip or cover some serious distance. Train tickets or rail passes can be very affordable when booked in advance as rail passes allow you to travel as much as you want and benefit from free bonuses.