Train tickets vs Rail passes

Find out what is the best train ticket for you

Cost effective

If you are planning to do short distance travel, such as travel from one point to another within a country or if you only plan to visit one or two places then train tickets are cheaper than rail passes.
Purchasing individual train tickets is an ideal option for those wanting limited travel and who already know their exact destination prior to departure. There are a number of different options for individual train tickets depending on the destination or type of train you choose.

When you are planning to travel extensively throughout one or several countries, or if you plan to cover long distances during your travels then rail passes are excellent value. The advantage of traveling with a rail pass is usually more cost effective when you plan on taking three trips or more compared to individual train tickets and you’ll have the freedom to travel extensively in one or more countries. And the more you travel, the better the value since the cost of the rail pass is fixed regardless of how many trips you will take.

Paris, France


With most train tickets you have to decide on your train, date and time of travel in advance. With a rail pass you don’t have this problem. You can buy a rail pass with only a vague idea of your overall itinerary. You can then decide your final itinerary as you go, while you’re in Europe, without being bound to the specific trains and travel times of train tickets. Just define the boundary of the geographical area you plan on and pick the right rail pass.